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7 Qualities of Every Womanizers, No 1 Will Shock You



The activities of these guys cannot be omitted from social media hereby using all avenues to ensure that a lady fall for their devious ways.

Ladies in order to spot guys who flirt on social media, check out for the following attributes.
1. They disturb ladies with unnecessary PMs.
This act is also synonymous to flirting. When some dudes see “f” on a profile, they will view her profile at the speed of light, and will send PM afterwards. Since they have no business to discuss with you, they definitely want to flirt.

2. Friend lists are female dominated
One of the attributes of guys that flirt online, is the numbers of ladies they follow.

3. They open threads to profess their Love to a lady they barely know. This reminds me when someone told me that a dude opened a thread to profess her love for a lady, only for the lady to order the moderators to delete the thread. The truth of the matter is that, most of the guys that do this don’t have genuine intention for ladies, but just to crave unnecessary attention. This is the trait of a chronic flirt.

4. Frequently check ladies picture. Obviously, ladies normally have more likes on their profile than the male folks which is the work of woman wrappers. Some will like her pix and will still inform her that he just liked her pix. This is one of the attributes of guys that flirt.

5. Display unremorseful attitude when called a pervert. To Identify a guy who flirts on social media, call him a pervert and he will start giving you a thousand reasons why he’s not.

6. They are very aggressive
This sound funny but true. Many guys who are unnecessarily aggressive to the female folks on social media are nothing but flirt. You will see them bashing ladies without cause. Funny enough, these same guys will still go about stalking them secretly. 

7. Ass-lick ladies
They are always advocating for the ladies just to gain their attention even when the truth is staring right on their faces. You will see them referring to their male folks as misogynist and all sort of names. Some of them will even start mocking their fellow dude of their blunders. But when the ladies make the same mistake, dem go throway face. 
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