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Instagram goes ablaze as woman advises married women to cook for their cheating husbands with…..



The story this woman shared about what she did to her cheating husband will make definitely make all men who cheat have a second thought, make them scared and also make them never try to be infidel… It’s scary tho… Lol😀😀😀😊… Read below…

Bom I have followed your page for a while now and learnt so much. So I have decided to share with this family . I read lot of stories married women lamenting about cheating husbands without solution,well I have decided to share mine . My husband is a bastard cheat, all he does is sleep around and still have the guts to come home and open eyes for me,I have cried, fasted,prayed,pleaded , nagged , done everything to make him stop, but he gets worse by the day,not until he slept with our nanny, that was when I gave up on him . So I started plotting in my heart,I needed to vent this anger, but he will not even allow me talk . So the wickedness in me grew everyday . I started cooking for him with my menstrual blood, pubic hair and urine , o yes I did it . Most time I will wait till I have heavy flow, I will just put all the lumpy blood, that thick black clotted blood ,urinate , cut my pubic hair and make him rice or soup and he will be eating . You needed to see the satisfaction in me,when I see him eat my waste product . I put his tooth brush inside the toilet every morning before he brushes , I will use his towel to clean my feet and use his boxers to clean my shoes . I felt so satisfied knowing he is suffering . I did this for few months now before I noticed that he has changed, he started staying home, his phone did not ring again ,he became loyal, and treated me nicely , our love making game changed and he became a good man . I did not understand so I decided to share with my crazy friend what I did, and she said I just practiced witch craft without knowing ,that menstrual blood is very powerful, not to talk of mixing it with urine and pubic hair . She said I used juju without knowing . But I am happy it worked , may be it was the Holy Spirit that led me and the man is as cool as ice water . So ladies if your man is a cheat, please try this and thank me later . Menstrual blood works wonders , you can even use it to trap a man to marry you or give you money. All you need do is use it to cook for him . Bom pls post so ladies can get help . Remain blessed .
A post shared by Make !! Break (@break_or_makeup) on Jul 3, 2017 at 2:55pm PDT
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