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10 Reasons Why Most Females Love Men With Beards



If you have been keeping your beards and you are about to shave it off, now is the time to think twice because most Slay Mamas are definitely in desperate love with it.

See what most females feel about guyz with facial hair. Read below…

  • They feel it makes them more masculine. 
  • They also feel it makes them look mature and also makes them look more serious about life.
  • It feels ticklish and there is more fun while kissing. Kissing just gets better.. 
  • That raunchy look makes women go crazy!
  • Little trim, much stubble goes on every outfit Western, traditional, casual anything and everything.
  • Bearded men are sexy. Their beards speak for them.
  • Men + beards = Absolute hotness
  • It makes them look strong and gives that edge to their personality. Women love men with confidence and strong personality.
  • Most women do not want to be with a clean shaven boy! Clean shaved? Kindly excuse. Women prefer beards…. Lol 😂
  • Most females would say “It feels great to run fingers across their poky beard and rub your cheeks against theirs”
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