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The world would be a much better place if the people in it contribute positively to the lives of others.

The world would be a great place to be if we put smile on the faces of as many people as we can.

A group called “Sisterhood Of Grace” has indeed shown how the human race can be better with just the smallest form of help each person could offer.

On 19th of September, 2020, they donated sanitary pads and other sanitary items to lots of underprivileged girls, with the sole aim of promoting menstrual hygiene.


They gave out the following in the three (3) locations they visited:

Disposable Pads: 1,125

Pant Liner: 225

Reusable Pads: 225


This is just the beginning. There would be subsequent donations and the people’s support is really needed to spread love to many more girls.

Your smallest penny could put a smile on the faces of many. Join the movement now!

You can contact the number below on how to contribute to the “One Girl, Five Pads” movement:

Ashimi Mariam: +234 811 565 0699


Below is the report and breakdown of 2020 outreach:


Sisterhood of grace is a non-profit organization founded with the intention of making great
impact in the girl child across the world. We also hope to assist youths both male and female to discover their place and purpose in the society.

This burden made us embark on our first project tagged “One Girl Five Pads” aimed that promoting safe menstrual hygiene and to empower the
girls in rural areas with skills on how to make reusable pads in order to reduce the level of
infection and discomfort that comes with trying to handle their menstrual cycle without the
means to afford sanitary pads thus tackling the problem of Poor Menstrual hygiene.


We focused on three locations in Nigeria which includes, Offin, igbogbo, ikorodu Lagos state,
Tazan Hall, Beere, Ibadan, Oyo state and Eyenkorin, Ilorin, Kwara state. We called out for
volunteers for each locations and in total we got 57 volunteers to plan and prepare towards the outreach and divided them into teams. We had the medical team, publicity team, intercessory team and welfare team of which we appointed team leads for each team.

We got support from THE FLOW PROJECT which focuses on bridging the gap between poverty , social disparities( in
accessibility to hygienic sanitary products during menstruation ) and health by empowering women of reproductive age particularly adolescent girls in rural areas with skills on how to make healthy reusable pads headed by Nurse Ilesanmi Esther who is the project Lead.

We had a representative of the skill acquisition team, Nurse Damilola Okunola teach the medical team on how to make reusable pads such that we were also able to pass on the knowledge to the girls in
the respective locations.

We also called out for donations and financial support towards the project, although we
encountered a little challenge in that area which was that we didn’t have an account for the organization yet as we had to register before proceeding to opening an organizational account.


Despite these odds we still got financial support from individuals and volunteers which enabled us to reach more than our proposed budget. We also planned with the team to make T-shirts for the outreach for identification purpose and also welfare for the girls and volunteers.

The outreach held on the 19th of September, 2020 in each of the locations. We started with the opening prayers after gathering the girls and reminding them a day before the outreach.

In Lagos, it started at about 11am with opening prayers, Sister Adesiyan Adepeju took the opening prayers. Then we had the girls introduce themselves and fill registration form which was handled
and monitored by the volunteers.

Then we introduced each of the volunteers to the girls to familiarize ourselves with them and then Mariam Ashimi proceeded to talk to the girls about sex education and girl child empowerment.


It was an interactive session and the girls were given the opportunity to talk and ask questions too. We shared questionnaires to the girls to assess their knowledge about menstruation and menstrual hygiene before we started the teaching.

We did to know their current stand and know where to hit the nail on the head while we educate them. Then we proceeded to teaching the girls about menstrual hygiene and the menstrual cycle and all about menstruation matters, this session was anchored by Awolola Timileyin.

It was also an interactive session and the girls were really engaged such that they were open to ask questions and share their challenges and we had volunteers also ask questions and also contribute to the subject matter. We also addressed some common myths and facts about menstruation and shared the bulletin with the girls and volunteers.

The bulletin contained the burden for the project, some Myths and facts about menstruation, tips to relief menstrual cramps, menstrual hygiene tips and we shared one of our volunteer’s story about her menstrual journey (she wanted her story to be shared with the girls) and about Sisterhood of Grace. Then we proceeded to teach them how to make reusable pads, this session was anchored by Sodeke Oreoluwa, assisted by the volunteers in the medical team.


We engaged the girls well while the teaching was going on and shared them into groups such that each group comprises of two girls each to make the reusable pads themselves as we guide them through the process. We also encouraged the girls to empower themselves financially by making a living from the making and selling of
reusable pads.

After this, we then shared the package we had for them which contained five one￾off pads and one reusable pad and one pant liner. We taught them the indication of each of the product in the package and we also had some of our volunteers go into the community to give out some packages door-to-door and to educate them too.

We also shared a feedback form after the teaching was done. Then we also shared snacks to the girls and we talked to the girls about the love of Christ and we had the closing prayer by Pastor Mrs Okoro. To the glory of God, some of the girls gave their lives to Christ and left there change and a different person.

The girls then dispersed to their respective homes, then we had the volunteers gathered and we ate, bonded were refreshed. The program finished at about 3pm. Then the bus took some of the volunteers to the agreed bus stop (ketu) and each of them went to their homes from there.


In Oyo, it started at about 11am when the volunteers arrived and called out for the girls, then proceeded to opening prayers and educated the girls on menstrual hygiene, sex education and the love of Christ.

We couldn’t teach the girls in Oyo on how to make reusable pads because we didn’t have a member of the medical team available to do that but nonetheless we shared the
bulletin which had some information on it and we also went to the street and neighboring
homes to share some packages and reached out to the girls too.

We also prayed for a girl who was sick in one of the homes and trust God to restore her healing. We shared refreshments to the girls and the volunteers and then the girls left to their respective homes and so the volunteers

In Ilorin, the outreach took place at Eyenkorin community, Ilorin Kwara state with a total of 56
persons, excluding the1g5p team members. The women who were in attendance ranged from
ages 10-30 with two elderly participants who were both 60 years of age.


The event started at about 10’oclock with an opening prayer by one of the participants, and this was followed by introducing Sisterhood Of Grace, her vision and mission and the purpose of the 1g5p outreach.

Topics ranging from girl child empowerment, Menstrual hygiene and safety were treated, the
participants responded by engaging the facilitators of these topics with questions, and every question was satisfactorily addressed.

During the course of the outreach refreshments for the participants was served. The flow project team were represented at the outreach by three of their team members who were given the platform to explain further on the use of the reusable sanitary pads.

Demonstrations on how to make the reusable pads was anchored by one of the 1g5p team members, who was assisted by a flow project team member. The outreach lasted for
2hrs 30 mins with a closing prayer by another of the 1g5p participant. The team members of
1g5p Ilorin that were present were 10 in total including members of the flow project team.


At the end of the outreach the packages containing the pads were distributed among the participants and they all showed excitement towards the initiative and thanked the organizers of the outreach.

In appreciation, gift items were given to the Baale of the Eyenkorin community on
behalf of 1g5p, which contained a bottle of wine and 2 packs of the pads distributed, same items were also given to 2 other benefactors of the outreach.

In total we were able to reach out to and empower 225 girls. We give glory to God for his faithfulness and strength from the time he gave us his word till the time of fulfillment of the project. We know that we can do nothing without Him as we allow ourselves to be guided by him always. Follow us on Instagram @sofovilla | Follow us on Twitter @sofovilla | Like our page on Facebook via @sofovillamedia

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