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Why I Am Attracted To Tall Men— Asa



Nigerian-French singer, songwriter, and recording artist Bukola Elemide popularly known as Asa has disclosed why she is more attracted to tall men.

In an interview with Ndani TV, the artist stated that she was not happy that her parents were short.

She said, “I am crazy for tall guys. They could be dark. If you are dark, be very dark. Then, it takes me time to think, ‘Does he have a brain?’ If my future man is short, if I ever get married, I won’t complain. I do hope he is not short, because my parents were short and I wasn’t happy about that.”

Asa added that when she started her music career, she was wary of opinions about her voice.


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She also said that trusting people was not her thing “I just never trusted people; maybe it was because my father told me all the time that ‘you can’t trust people’. I think people just didn’t get me. When I started performing publicly, I didn’t come out as a singer. I came out as a dancer. That thing was inside me saying, ‘Why is your voice like this? Why do you sound like this? Why do you walk like this? Who do you think you are’?

So, I just went into my world and performed to an imaginary audience. When my first album came out, I did not expect it was going to be that big. I was shy and slightly embarrassed. I thought I was not ready and still needed to do more work.”

She also made known of the fact that the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on her career and her inability to perform at concerts was not very hard for her


“I know we will never forget this year. I think every day of my life has always been a lockdown. I am usually almost in isolation all the time. This time, it wasn’t very hard for me because I have lived this (way) every day of my life. I actually enjoy and see what actual silence means. I spent the time writing a lot and working with producers,”she said.

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