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Nancy Isime Talks About Her Controversial Nude Scene In ‘Shanty Town’ Series



Nancy Isime Talks About Nude Scene In 'Shanty Town'
Nigerian TV Presenter and actress, Nancy Isime, has been trending since the Netflix series, “Shanty Town” was released and the main reason is because of some nude scenes she played.

The popular actress created a buzz on social media after she went completely nude exposing sensitive parts of her body in a scene from her latest film, “Shanty Town”.

In the movie scene, Nancy is seen portraying the character of being forced into a state of undress by actor, Richard Mofe–Damijo, to showcase the vulnerability and exploitation faced by women in such situations.

A good look at the scene, one could see that it helps to portray the harsh conditions of life in the slums and the ways in which poverty can lead to exploitation and abuse, and the importance of raising awareness about these issues.


However, a lot of fans expressed disappointment in the actress for opening up her bare chest and buttocks.

One scene that struck a chord with viewers is the moment when Isime’s buttock was gently slapped by one of Mofe-Damijo’s boys to confirm she’s the one. The actor was also seen fondling her breast shortly after his boy.

Reacting to the controversy trailing the scene, Isime took to her Instagram page to clear the air, staring that the private parts showned in the movie is not hers, but for her “body double”.

Sharing a photo of herself from that controversial scene, she wrote:


“Simmer down horny boys and girls😄, I know those gorgeous body parts excites you but they sadly belong to my beautiful body double❤️ Mine aren’t that succulent😛😂😂😂😂

Enjoy our beautiful masterpiece, get the message from each scene and Focus on the right Focus!😛 Thank you so much for all the amazing reviews so far, I’m so glad y’all are watching and Loving Shanty Town❤️.”

Isime also responded to an Instagram user saying, “There is something called Body Double. Look it up and then go watch the scene again”.

A body double is a person who stands in for an actor in a particular scene, usually for shots that show the actor’s full body or specific body parts, such as the back, legs, or chest.


Body doubles are commonly used in scenes that involve nudity, intimacy, or physical activity that may be difficult or unsafe for the actor to perform.

They can also be used to create the illusion of more than one person in a scene, or to extend the amount of time an actor can be on set. It’s a common practice in the movie industry, filmmakers use body doubles to avoid the risk of injury to the main actors, protect their privacy, and to make the movie process more efficient. Follow us on Instagram @sofovilla | Follow us on Twitter @sofovilla | Like our page on Facebook via @sofovillamedia

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